Scheduled Dates

11/2/2020   12:00 PM  01:30 PM
11/9/2020   12:00 PM  01:30 PM
11/16/2020   12:00 PM  01:30 PM
11/23/2020   12:00 PM  01:30 PM
11/30/2020   12:00 PM  01:30 PM
12/7/2020   12:00 PM  01:30 PM

Basics of Mindfulness Practice

Dates: 11/2/2020 to 12/7/2020
Schedule: Mo 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM

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Located in : Virtual, Virtual
Instructor: Dwight Rodgers

Member: $55.00

This course serves as an introduction for beginners and as
a review for those who have allowed their practice to lapse.
Each class will include time for guided meditation, one of
the elements for developing a skill in mindfulness practice.

The six weekly sessions will attempt to cover everything
a beginner should know to engage in a successful mindfulness

1. The Value of Mindfulness Practice: This discipline
emphasizes being in the present, exploring experience
and addressing those things that might be distressing.

2. Meditation and Mindfulness Practice: Most
mindfulness practice uses meditation, which is not
itself mindfulness.

3. The Roots of Mindfulness Practice: We will
explore the history of practices over three millennia.
Only in modern times has the entirely secular health
and wellness practice called mindfulness emerged.

4. Mindfulness Practice in the Modern West.

5. Recommended Sources of Support for
Mindfulness Practice: These include local,
online and publications.

6. Continuing and Developing Mindfulness
Practice: Knowing about and beginning the practice
is a first step, but continuing the practice is important
to realize the benefits. We will discuss how to maintain
a practice at the completion of this class.

Encore Learning sponsors a Mindfulness Club that
meets most weeks during the year. Contact the Encore
Learning office for more information.

Additional Information

Independent Reading: Introducing Mindfulness:
A Practical Guide
, Tessa Watt; Wherever You Go There
You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life
, Jon
Kabat-Zinn; Mindfulness: 25th Anniversary Edition, Ellen
J. Langer.