Theater Appreciation


In previous iterations of this class, the approach to
becoming a more “educated audience” at the theater
has been to read and discuss a play one week, attend
a local production of the play, and then discuss the
production in a following class. Since attending live theater
will not be possible this fall, our approach to better
understand and appreciate theater will require watching
theater online over the course of the six weeks. The
hope is that we will be able to see virtually one or more
theatrical performance supplemented by reading the
actual text when available.

Class participants will be responsible for obtaining copies
of the plays and paying any costs associated with online
viewing. Class discussions might focus on such topics as
theatrical history or theory, the Hamilton phenomenon,
the state of theater and its possible future given the
impact of the current pandemic, and one or more notable
playwrights and their impact on the theater.

Topics for discussion will be tailored to meet the interests
of those attending. If you enjoy plays and talking about
theater with other theater lovers with guidance from a
knowledgeable instructor, this is the course for you.

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