Arlington History


While crisscrossing the 26 square miles of Arlington, have
you ever wondered who trod this ground before you? This
highly popular course surveys the history of Arlington from
before the arrival of European settlers to the present. This is
not a classroom-based course. Each session will take place
in a different historic building or neighborhood. The course
will begin with an overview and guided tour of the Arlington
Historical Museum. Subsequent sessions will look at:

● Arlington before the Europeans
● 18th century
● Early 19th century and the Civil War
● Black history
● Reconstruction and the beginnings of modern Arlington
● Evolution to a unified community
● The modern era

The first session will be held at the Arlington Historical
Museum, 1805 S. Arlington Ridge Road. The locations
and directions for subsequent sessions will be provided.
Participants will need to provide their own transportation
to each class site. Some walking is required.


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