Nuclear Weapons


The world changed early on July 16, 1945 with the successful
test explosion by the United States of the first
nuclear weapon, codenamed Trinity. The test led to the
dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945
and the end of World War II.

This course will trace the origin of these weapons,
examine the decision to drop them on Japan and
explore the impact on the two Japanese cities. We also
will discuss the subsequent development and proliferation
of even larger nuclear weapons, post-war efforts to
control such weapons and their current status. The six
classroom sessions will cover the following:

1. The history and basic physics of nuclear fission/
fusion research.

2. The Manhattan Project. The backdrop to dropping
two atomic bombs.

3. Effects of atomic and hydrogen bombs.

4. Comments from a Manhattan Project scientist.
Discussion of the decision to drop the bomb.

5. The postwar efforts to control nuclear weapons
and the current global status of such weapons.

6. Contemporary issues related to nuclear weapons.
Open class discussion.

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