Mindfulness from the 21st Century


In the last decade, a torrent of cutting-edge research has revealed novel methods of mindfulness development and consciousness expansion. Propelled by brain research and buttressed by outcome studies, this sprint in our understanding and control of mindfulness has revealed, both for sudden and for gradual approaches, methods of inducing and enhancing mindfulness that are unprecedented in their precision, scope and depth.

Many of the methods developed in the 25 centuries of mindfulness practice, mostly in the Eastern world, have either never been tested for efficacy or have been tested but shown to be of little or no value. But some are now known to be effective in the Western world for the modern secular adult. Combining these stars of the previous centuries with the new developments has brought enhanced mindfulness within the reach of all intelligent practitioners.

In addition to achieving the traditional benefits of reducing suffering and enhancing physical and mental health,we can now reliably create improvements in pleasure experience, critical thinking skills and psychological flexibility. All improvements in these areas can lead to a fuller and richer life as we “wake up” from the waking dream of our automatized mental life including rumination, fantasy, imaginary social interactions, mind wandering and the self-referential internal narrative.

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