China Today: Four Big New Ideas


China is essential to the future of the United States.
Whether the issue is the economy, North Korea, or
the future of the global order, we must cooperate with
China. To cooperate, we must understand. Over the
past several years, the emergence of a new group of
scholars and journalists has changed our understanding
of China today.

This course will introduce the big ideas of four of these
China specialists whose writings I have enjoyed and
learned from. We will discuss the importance of their
new ideas as they relate to the relationship between
the United States and China, the role of religion in
China and why Taiwan matters to America’s relations
with China. We will conclude by considering the United
States’ broader role in East Asia. Through this course I
hope to impart not only a greater understanding of China
but also how the United States can most effectively
respond to the challenges China poses.

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