Crime, Safety, Justice, and Reentry


Television, newspapers and the internet constantly
remind us of the vast machinery devoted to enforcing
our criminal code, but they explain very little about how
it affects the individuals involved. Founded in 1974,
the Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) of Arlington,
Alexandria and Falls Church, is a community-based nonprofit
working with participants of all genders returning
to the community from incarceration. OAR supports safe
reentry and alternative sentencing options to reduce
incarceration through community service. OAR also
advocates for equity in the legal system and across all
systems by addressing the systemic racism responsible
for mass incarceration and other structural inequities in
our society. This class is an introduction to the criminal
justice system, public safety and reentry.

Seven sessions will cover the following:

1. Overview of Criminal Justice System: Jails vs.
prisons, jail and prison population statistics, pending
legislation, the role of OAR.

2. The Role of the Police: The chief of the Arlington
County Police Department will discuss guiding
principles, difficult decisions and trends.

3. Virtual Field Trip to the Arlington County
Detention Facility: Sheriff deputies will
describe programs and services in the jail.
Information on touring the Detention Facility
will be covered in advance.

4. The Role of the Prosecutor: The chief of the
Commonwealth’s Attorney Office of Arlington
County and the City of Falls Church will discuss
guiding principles, difficult decisions and trends.

5. How the Courts Work: A retired Arlington County
judge will talk about guiding principles, difficult
decisions and trends.

6. The Juvenile Justice System in Arlington: The
director of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations
Court in Arlington will explain how and why the law
is different for juveniles and discuss guiding principles,
difficult decisions and trends.

7. Virtual Field Trip to the OAR mission: Barriers
faced when coming home from incarceration—
what happens when men and women come
home? Discussion of barriers to reentry, housing,
employment, social services, collateral consequences,
stigma, education inside and out, legislative
initiatives and recidivism.

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