Cinematic Beginnings and Endings


Movies are an interactive medium. Without an audience
there are no movies, only a series of sequentially arranged
photographs. When human consciousness interacts with
these still images, as they are projected onto the screen,
the audience will see them as animated actions. What
makes movies work is that audiences respond to what
they see, experiencing it as reality or an alternative to
reality. We believe images to a far greater degree than we
believe words. Directors aware of this correlation between
movies and the real world can use this association to their
advantage, letting people see what they would otherwise
probably ignore or not notice at all.

In this cinematic explorations class, we will concentrate
on the basic structural elements and how they are manipulated
to provide a coherent whole. We are going to look
at four films from the 1960s. Class members will watch
on their own each film in its entirety prior to each class
and then during the class we will focus intensively on the
first and last 10 minutes of each film, concentrating on
what the connections are between these two segments.
Obviously, the theme is important but of equal significance
will be the cinematic elements used to convey
these ideas.

We will watch the following films available to stream:
Persona, Bergman, 1966; Psycho, Hitchcock, 1960;
Dr. Strangelove, Kubrick, 1964; and The Graduate,
Nichols, 1967.

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