Cooking for Wellness


When you fall down and hurt your knee, you experience
acute inflammation. Blood rushes to your injured knee
to promote healing, reducing pain, heat, redness and
swelling — all signs of acute inflammation. But a stealthier
type, chronic inflammation, can severely affect your
health and potentially bring on arthritis, heart disease,
autoimmune conditions, cancer or diabetes. It comes
with few warning signs. It happens when your immune
system does not support healing but instead remains in
an unstable state of stress that can damage cells and
lead to a wide range of diseases.

Chronic inflammation remains a growing field of
research. Diet, exercise and prescription medications
have all been found to play an important role in preventing
or reducing chronic inflammation.

This course will cover diet and chronic inflammation
from the perspective of a cooking instructor. The focus
will be on sharing approaches to eating and cooking for
wellness. The course will cover the following questions:

1. What is chronic inflammation? How does it affect
our health? What are approaches to preventing or
reducing chronic inflammation?

2. What are the research findings on diet and

3. What foods are pro-inflammatory and have been
found to lead to disease?

4. What foods heal? We will cover foods high in antioxidants,
polyphenols and bioflavonoids, Omega-3’s,
fiber, probiotics and gut-barrier protectors.

5. What are some delicious dishes and recipes for
an anti-inflammatory approach to cooking that
you can integrate into your life? We will cover oils,
herbs, spices, salad, fruit, nuts, leafy greens and
vegetables, fish and seafood.

Lectures and discussions will be supplemented by
course handouts and a recipe packet.

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