History of the Jewish People


The general outlines of the history of the Jewish people
in ancient times are fairly well known: two kingdoms,
Israel and Judah, played modest, yet out-sized roles in
the Middle East. This course will cover the rise of a
proto-lsraelite entity and cover the history of the
Kingdoms of Israel and Judah up to the time of the
Babylonian Captivity. Over the last several decades,
historians have benefited from the exciting findings of
researchers in various fields, principally in the fields of
archeology and cross-cultural studies of ancient civilizations.
Much progress has been made in understanding
the genesis and dynamics of these kingdoms.

These researchers, and the historians who interpret the
results of their work, have attempted to answer many
questions. Who were the first Israelites? Where, geographically,
did they establish themselves? Why did
some Hebrew-speaking tribes succeed in building their
culture more readily than others? What are the origins of
the Jews and their religion? How successful was monotheistic
Judaism in taking root within Judah? To what
extent did other Near Eastern and Mediterranean cultures
influence the development of Israelite and Judahite
cultures, governments and religions? Finally, to what
extent can the Bible be relied upon to provide us with an
accurate picture of the events of this time in the history
of the Jewish people?

This course will continue during the Spring 2021 semester
and we will study the ascendancy of monotheism and
priestly rule and end with an account of Roman rule and
the revolt that followed.

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