Carthage and Roman North Africa


Carthage was founded in North Africa at about the same
time Rome was founded in Italy. For several hundred
years, they co-existed peacefully and even had treaties
and alliances. But a clash was inevitable as their
empires spread into territories both Rome and Carthage
thought were essential for their wealth and security. The
Carthaginians had better fleets and better land armies
(and much better generals, mostly from the Barca family
— Hannibal and his relatives), but Rome had two
strengths Carthage could never match: willingness to
fight to the end and the manpower to do it. With the
benefit of 2,000 years of hindsight, it is easy to see why
Rome was the inevitable winner. The course will cover
the Punic Wars between the two Mediterranean superpowers.
We will also look at the origins of Carthage
and at Roman and early Christian North Africa as it
developed after the defeat of Carthage. We will see two
movies: a comedy and a Mussolini propaganda classic
(surprisingly factual). And, yes, despite modern Tunisian
disclaimers, the Carthaginians did burn babies. No, the
Romans probably did not salt the Carthaginian fields.
You have to take the course to get the details.

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