Populism's Rise in America


This course will focus on the recent rise of controversial
populist mobilization in U.S. politics. We will
examine the numerous gaps and contradictions in the
way populist mobilization shapes voting behavior. Why
has nationalization of elections occurred at the same
time that voters have expressed great opposition and
resentment to Washington and big government? What
explains the gap between the most important unifying
sentiment of political mobilization (e.g., race) and its
professed goals (e.g., cutting taxes, dismantling big
government and the welfare state)?

The course will examine the difference between constructed
(e.g., identity, race, gender) and structural (e.g.
income, education and ideology) cleavages, alongside
concentration of power in the U.S. president, as possible
explanations for the rise of populist mobilization. Finally,
we will try to find out whether lessons can be drawn from
this understanding.


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