US Tax Policy in an Election Year


Election years lead to a proliferation of tax proposals
and 2020 is no exception. The course will consider
selected U.S. tax policy issues including:

1. Tax increases for the wealthy – wealth tax,
estate tax and capital gains.

2. Individual income tax issues – marginal rates,
married vs. single taxpayers, incentives for savings.

3. More individual income tax issues – itemized
deductions, employee benefits, deduction for
pass-through entities.

4. Value-added tax – a future tax for the United States.

5. Corporate income tax – corporate vs. noncorporate
entities, double taxation of dividends,
debt vs. equity, international issues.

6. Excise taxation – alcoholic beverages, tobacco
products, carbon taxes.

At the first session participants may suggest additional
topics, particularly related to the individual income tax.
The course is not intended to be a tax-planning seminar.
Lots of participant discussion promised.

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