Health & Wellness

Mindfulness as a Wellness Practice

The course will explore using the discipline of mindfulness as a health and wellness practice. We will look at the roots of the traditions that have become 21st century mindfulness practice and how these traditions have been shaped into practices such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. We will consider the supported and unsupported health claims made by the mindfulness community and will explore mostly online and free-of-charge resources that can help with mindfulness practice.

Each class session will include a period of guided meditation practice, and by the end of the course we will have covered the traditional forms of concentration, open monitoring and compassion meditation. We will look at the work of the Insight Meditation organization and of important authors in the tradition such as Stephen Batchelor and Jon Kabat-Zinn. Throughout we will stress awareness of self and of situations and the practice ofobserving our reactions before acting on them.

The class will learn about the important psychological observations that originated in early Buddhist practice and what some contemporary authors have called “Buddhist psychology.” We will also look at the standards of behavior and outlook that are important to the mindfulness tradition and will review some of the similarities of mindfulness practice with other contemplative practices, as in Christian tradition.

The course is suitable for those wishing to become familiar with the basics of mindfulness practice for the first time, as well as for persons interested in a refresher course.

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