Law, Politics & Public Affairs

Energy and US Public Policy

The course explores the role of federal, state and local
governments in shaping US energy security, highlighting
points of convergence and divergence. We will use this
framework to better appreciate the challenges of energy
policy issues, including US oil and natural gas production,
climate change and carbon reduction, nuclear
power and proliferation, the role of renewables and the
evolving fuel-shifting of the transportation sector. We will
discuss how the various components of the US economy
(public and private sector) come together to provide
reliable, affordable and accessible energy to our homes
and businesses, while also exploring new technologies
as well as vulnerabilities and risks. We will look at how
the electricity sector is changing and to what degree the
current regulatory structure is adaptable to new opportunities
and threats.

The course will examine how 19th and 20th century policies,
entrepreneurs and social movements profoundly
shaped the current energy socio-technical complex. We
will also identify some emerging challenges for the nation
in the near and long term. This sweep includes events
such as the oil crises and environmental movements of
the 1970s, the development of rural cooperatives, the
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the
evolving geopolitics of hydrocarbon resource extraction.

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