Science & Technology

AI Nightmare Scenarios

Some may think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in terms
of Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot or software that
can defeat the best human player in Go or Jeopardy.
This course is about a much more serious and sinister
aspect of AI: the various nightmare scenarios appearing
regularly in the technical literature and sometimes
the daily news. Possibly the most familiar is the use of
“killer robots” and other military applications of AI; others
include massive job dislocation and unemployment due
to automation.

Thought leaders as varied as physicist Stephen Hawking
and entrepreneur Elon Musk have warned about the
potential dangers of AI, which Musk once referred to as
“summoning the demon.” These include super-intelligent
surveillance systems encouraged in some nations like
China but legally restrained in some large metropolitan
areas like San Francisco; highly sophisticated facial recognition
platforms, some of which MIT researchers have
found to be ethnically biased; and “deep fake” technology
that makes it possible for an enemy to fabricate video
featuring a world leader. There is also increasing risk
associated with AI-generated decision-making algorithms
in fields from medicine to insurance to the stock market.
Funds run by these algorithms currently account for 60%
of stock trading activity, according to The Economist.

In this course we will examine the ideas of the best-known
thought leaders and have plenty of discussion
among ourselves about this crucial topic.

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