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Membership in Encore Learning is open to all individuals over fifty years of age regardless of residence.  Members may register for courses and Special Events, and join any of our clubs. Effective July 1, 2017, annual membership dues are $65.00 per person. Annual membership dues are nonrefundable and tax deductible. Members may register for as many courses as desired at $55 per course.

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Thank you for becoming an Encore Learning Member. Benefits include: access to high-quality college level courses at rates far below those charged by most other educational institutions in the Washington area; opportunities to socialize with other members both after class and through our special interest clubs; and participation in Encore Learning special events offered throughout the year, including lectures and tours. Look for our emails with details of upcoming events.

Note: New members joining today receive 12 months of membership beginning with today's date. Renewing members receive 12 months of membership beyond their current expiration date or today's date, whichever is later. Members may view their current expiration date when logged in to their account.